Canteen Events:

Canteen Rules:

  1. DEFINITION – For the purpose of these Rules, a "Club Room", "Canteen" or "Activity" is defined as an activity sponsored by the Post, or other subordinate unit of the State of Florida (including any holding or managing corporation) wherein;
    • The name "Veterans of Foreign Wars," the insignia "VFW" or any colorable imitation thereof is utilized.
    • One of the functions of which is the sale of food or beverage of any type in quarters permanently owned, rented or otherwise occupied by the Post.
    • Under, the direct CONTROL of the Post pursuant to Section 709, VFW National By-Laws.
  2. OPERATIONS OF CLUB ROOMS/CANTEENS – No Post shall operate Club Rooms/Canteens or other activities except under the control of a House Committee, and in accordance with these Rules and regulations.
  3. COMMITTEE – Each Post shall establish a House Committee to manage the business affairs of the Club Room/Canteen of not less than three or more than seven members.

    One of the following methods of choosing the House Committee shall be adopted by the majority vote of the Post. Elected House Committee members are not held to be Post officers as set forth in Section 216 of the VFW National by-laws. Election or appointment of House Committee members shall be done at the same time that Post Elections are held.
    1. Appointment by Post Commander.
    2. Nominated and elected exclusively by the Post membership.
    3. Or Combination of A & B.
    In addition to the above, the Post Commander and Post Quartermaster, by virtue of their offices, shall be members of the House Committee and shall have a vote.

    The Post Quartermaster, by virtue of his office, shall be treasurer of the House Committee.

    Chairman of the House Committee may be chosen in the same way as above or by election of the House Committee at its first organization meeting.

    Any member of the House Committee, if appointed may be removed by the Commander or if elected may be removed for cause by two thirds (2/3) vote of the Post, at any regular meeting, provided written notice of such meeting, stating subject matter to be voted on, be sent to each member in good standing at least ten days prior to such meeting, and in lieu thereof, discipline under Article IX of the National By-Laws.

    The Post may at any regular meeting, by two thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, remove from the House Committee any member of the House Committee who fails to attend two consecutive meetings of the House Committee without valid excuse and written notice to such member.
  4. MEETINGS – The House Committee shall hold at least one regular meeting each month, at such times and places as recommended by the House Committee and approved, in advance, by the Post at a regular Post Meeting.

    Special Meetings of the House Committee may be called by a majority of the House Committee, or the Post Commander, provided notice of the time and place be posted in the Post Home on the Bulletin Board at least three days prior to said Special meeting and all members of the House Committee be notified in person or by telephone of such special meeting in lieu of an emergency.

    A majority of the House Committee members, elected and or appointed, must be present for the transaction of business at a regular or special meeting.
  5. All actions of the House Committee shall be subject to ratification by the Post by regular vote at a Post Meeting.

    One of the House Committee members shall act as Secretary, keep minutes of all meetings and prepare a report of the meeting to be read, by the House Committee Chairman at the next regular meeting of the Post. This report shall be made part of the Adjutant's minutes.
  6. OPERATIONS-PERSONNEL – No member of the House Committee shall be employed nor receive any compensation for his service.

    MANAGER – The House Committee shall appoint a Manager to operate the Club Room/Canteen, subject to their instructions. The Manager shall be responsible to the House Committee and the Post Commander for conduct of all Patrons as required by Section VII of these rules.

    EMPLOYEES – The Manager shall employ all personnel of the Club Room/Canteen, subject to the recommendations and approval of the House Committee. No elected officer of the Post shall be employed as Manager of the Club Room/Canteen while holding an elective office.

    AUDIT & INVENTORY – All Club Room/Canteen financial records and properties shall be audited and approved by the Post Trustees or by qualified auditors or accountants approved by them at least monthly.

    1. The club/canteen manager shall keep an accurate, approved set of records and accounts.
    2. The largest sum which the manager or House Committee may spend without a vote of the Post authorizing same shall be $____________
    3. All income and profits shall be held or deposited in the name of the Post, and in no other name.
    4. The Post Quartermaster shall be the treasurer of the House Committee.
    5. The House Committee and club/canteen manager shall turn over to the Post Quartermaster, at least weekly, all net profits and property acquired over and above a specific sum which shall be prescribed in the Post by-laws, and which sum shall be retained for current Post expenditures.
    6. At least once each month the club manager shall furnish the Post Quartermaster a complete written profit and loss statement to be read to the Post membership and placed in the Post minutes. All expenditures to be supported by bills and vouchers.
    7. All club/canteen books and records shall be subject to a quarterly audit by the Post trustees and qualified accountants approved by them.
  7. CONDUCT – Good order shall be maintained at all times on the premises of the Post Home. Club Room/Canteen privileges shall be discontinued forthwith to any member and said member shall immediately leave the premises and be suspended by the bartender on duty from Club Room/Canteen privileges until further action is taken by the House Committee who:
    1. Discuss affairs of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or any of its members within the presence of, or hearing of a non-member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars;
    2. Violates his obligation as a member or officer of the Veterans of Foreign Wars;
    3. Becomes obnoxious, offensive, or whose conduct reflects discredit in any way or manner on the Veterans of Foreign Wars or any of its members;
    4. Violates any rules, regulations, By-Law or law of the State of Florida, County, City, Florida Department of Alcohol, Beverage and Tabacco, United States, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post, or House Committee;
    5. Becomes intoxicated or arrives intoxicated on the premises; or
    6. Creates a scene, or participated voluntarily in same, and any fracas or disorderly conduct on the premises.
    The operation of any Club Room/Canteen or activities by any Post shall not violate any rule, regulation, By-Law, Manual of Procedure, order or law of the United States, State of Florida, County, City, Florida Department of Alcohol, Beverage and Tobacco or any other division of government, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post or House Committee.
  8. FURTHER SUSPENSION FROM CLUB ROOM PRIVILEGES – The House Committee shall convene at a meeting within one week from the date of suspension of any person for the purpose of considering further suspension, which meeting may be continued to a later date at the request of the accused, and after hearing the charges and circumstances, and allowing the accused an opportunity to be heard may impose additional suspension of Club Room/Canteen privileges of from 10 to 90 days. After the initial suspension, the Post may impose additional suspension of from 10 –90 days after another hearing. Such hearing is to be conducted informally and it shall be considered a duty of all members who have knowledge of any fact or circumstance material to such hearing or suspension, to attend the same and inform the House Committee of their knowledge. The House Committee will make a report to the Post Membership. The decision of the Post membership is final and there is no other appeal process available to the accused.
  9. CLOSED PERIODS -It is held to be objectionable and contrary to accepted rules of order and Proper decorum implicit in the ritual of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to permit alcoholic beverages in the Post meeting room during the Post meeting. It is the intent of this section to encourage all VFW members to attend their Post meeting. No VFW member may patronize the canteen/clubroom until the Post meeting has concluded. Accordingly, the presence, dispensation and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the Post meeting room during the Post meeting is completely unacceptable and any such practice known to exist shall be terminated.

    There is nothing in this section that prevents a Post or District from establishing rules that prohibits the canteen/club room from being open during a Post or District meeting.

    It is the intent of the Commander-in-Chief's decision regarding this response to include Post, County Council, District and Department meetings, at which it is held to be objectionable. Section 1001, of the Manual of Procedure has been amended to reflect such objection.
  10. TAX RETURNS AND INFORMATION –Tax information for Posts is contained in the Post Adjutant/Post Quartermaster Operations Manual. This information is by no means all inclusive of our Internal Revenue Service Code. Specifics concerning filing of tax returns should be addressed to a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or an accountant employed by the Post.
  11. INSPECTIONS – It shall be part of the inspections of each Post to ascertain that it is complying with these rules and regulations. It shall also be a duty of the District Commander and his officers, through him, to periodically supervise such activities and report any violation to the Department.
  12. SUSPENSION OF CLUB ROOM/CANTEEN ACTIVITIES – If it shall come to the attention of the State Commander that any violation of these Rules has been committed, is allowed to exist or is condoned by any Post during the current administration, he shall address a 10 day written notice to said Post to show cause in writing why its Club Room/Canteen facilities should not be suspended for such violation or violations; and unless good cause is shown and such violation discontinued, he shall suspend the operations of such facilities for a period of 10 to 90 days.
  13. ADDITIONAL RULES – A Post may adopt addition Rules, or By-Laws, not in conflict herewith.
  14. POSTING OF RULES – A copy of these Rules shall be posted at all times in a conspicuous place on the Bulletin Board of the Post.

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